Members Club

Ardyss has a members clue that even you can be recognized in. All you have to do is reach a few requirements and a BLUE JACKET will surely to granted to you, in the ceremony that normally takes place on the annual event of Extravaganza.

Wearing the BLUE JACKET means carrying with dignity and respect the name of Ardyss.


  • When you are wearing the BLUE JACKET, you must honor all members of Ardyss, either uplines, downlines, or sidelines. This way, you help to build our company with strong values by respecting all Distributors and Ardyss family members within.
  • It is suggested not to use the BLUE JACKET in a personal events.
  • Eventually there will be meetings where the founders will be present, and it will be asked to wear the BLUE JACKET, as a great leader and member of the club.