10 Multiple Streams of Income in Ardyss

This plan contains three different and distinct concepts: first, a solid retail earning program, second, an attractive bonus structure plan that rewards those who build an organization, and third, a strong residual income for the future.

10 Ways Ardyss Income
  1. Retail Discount - Distributor purchases products at 40% wholesale price and then sell them at retail price, earning between a 40-100% profit. We refer this to "Right Now Money."
  2. Power Pack Bonus - Receive $80 per person for every Distributor you personally enroll through a Power Pack  ($299). 
  3. Power Start Bonus - This is the ONLY bonus structure that is matched 100% to the enroller. In order to qualify,  your Distributor must be enrolled through a Power Pack ($299).  By joining the business  through a Power Pack you will be eligible for ALL 10 streams of income.
  4. Express Bonus - Someone you directly enroll makes a purchase-- you get 20% - 30% on their FIRST order - up  to $90.  (Power Start Bonus replaces this Express Bonus.)
  5. Unilevel & Enroller Relationship Bonus - Get paid 15% from the purchases of every Distributor that you personally enroll. 10%  comes from the Enroller Relationship and 5% from the Unilevel  bonus-- which is also  paid on those people that are indirectly enrolled on your down line 8 generations down  (Unilevel Only). 
  6. Rank Bonus - Get paid a $100 to $800 bonus for maintaining your rank. 
  7. Car Bonus - Get paid a $150 to $800 car bonus for maintaining your rank for a minimum of two months.
  8. Generational Bonus - Distributors earn between 1 - 4% bonuses on everyone in their down line up to 5  generations based on the assigned Value Points (VP) of your entire  personal  organization and the entire organization of the Manager B in your down line. 
  9. Presidential Bonus - Help someone in your down line reach Presidential status and receive $3,000. 
  10. Presidential Pool - This is a quarterly bonus for all the Distributors who maintain Presidential Ranks for an  entire quarter. Ardyss will take 1.5% of its Nationwide Quarterly  Sales and distribute  bonuses based on Rank. 25% to Presidents, 50% to Executives, 75% to Diamonds, and  100% to Platinums! 

In addition to our compensation plan, Ardyss provides a multitude of business incentives including, but not limited to, travel, training, recognition, and many personal development programs to help our distributors become a part of a truly life changing opportunity. Join Ardyss, and help them, "Reshape the World..."